Who we are

Gaia Somatics LLC is a partnership of Deborah Anne Jones RN LMT and Christopher Burr Jones PhD CYT. It reflects our shared values and commitment to education to promote healthy and mindful lifestyles. The foundation of our business is the idea that there is a connection between the health of the planet and the health and wellness of human beings. We strive toward a spiritual and post-industrial economic model that aspires to practice what it preaches. We want to inspire individuals and organizations to consider sustainable practices in their lives and industries, aspire to leave the world in a better place than we found it, and to consider the impact of our decisions on future generations.

Moreover, we want to connect and educate others about proactive and innovative practices that will enable them to take more control of their lives and not to be passive participants in the Brave New World that is unfolding around them.

We support non-violent and non-aggressive behaviors and social structures, balanced health and wellness strategies (i.e., exercise, diet, yoga, meditation), alternative and complementary health care, democratic and participatory politics, ecological sensibility, and a long-term Gaian approach to our work and lives.

Christopher holds a PhD in Political Science and has been involved in futures studies for 30 years. He was Secretary-General of the World Futures Studies Federation, a non-governmental organization in consultative status with UNESCO (2001-2005), professor, and consultant (including the Ford Motor Company), and more recently author of the political thriller Fire and Ice. He is a 200-hour certified Iyengar yoga instructor (2007). His day job is as a graduate faculty member of the School of Public Policy and Administration of Walden University.

Deborah has over 35 years experience as a health care professional in a number of nursing and patient management positions, including experience in brain injury, psychiatric, and orthopedic nursing. She has owned a therapeutic massage business now for over a dozen years and holds a Level 1 Therapeutic Touch certification. She has a passion for non-Western health modalities and Eastern philosophy and spirituality. See our massage pages.

Our goals include helping people and the planet and in that spirit, our profit will be modest, our accounting and financial records will be open and procedures transparent. Finally, we decided that a non-profit board of directors would be a hindrance to speedy planning and decision-making.

We share a commitment to preserving remaining wild lands.