Future studies is a discipline or field whose aim is to help individuals, communities, nations, and the world better anticipate the future. Futures is contextualized by its history, practitioners, organizations, and branches, discussed below. Gaia Somatics offers strategic planning and personal futures planning workshops:


Mindful futures workshops

Consulting methodologies: strategic planning from a futures perspective, emerging issues analysis, futures capacity-building, visioning, Appreciative Inquiry, and action research.

Organizations (under construction)

  • Professional
  • Educational

Alternative futures (Dator)(under construction)

  • Business As Usual
  • Collapse
  • Disciplined
  • Transformational

Metanarratives and Causal Layered Analysis (under construction)

Decline and Collapse:

Planning for an overshoot future: A World After (Catton, 1980; Meadows et al., 1972)


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Technology Transformation

Singularity University